Apple Washes it’s hands of faulty iPhone4

Apple Washes it’s hands of faulty iPhone4

It seems that Apple is all care no responsibility when it comes to iphone service.

How many faulty iphones do you have to put up with, before you get one with reception that works properly?

Clearly the answer is none!

It seems that the first 3 times I went into the Apple store with reception problems on my iphone 4 I was just “unlucky” according to the Apple representatives at Doncaster.

Now on my 4th visit in 12 months (or 3 days over my 12 month warranty as I was informed in the Apple store at Doncaster) there is nothing they can do.

According to Apple Doncaster it is obviously not a hard ware issue now, as they have replaced the phone 3 times and I should speak to my carrier.

As I explained to my Apple representative, (when I eventually got to them after lining up and waiting for p to 50mins, desplite having an appointment, on each of my 4 visits, my carrier is Telstra who I have been with since I had my first brick of a mobile phone (NEC I think from memory (just like Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movie) in 1992, and never before have I had any reception issues on any of my various brands of mobile phones until I got my iphone4.

I have also lived in the same house for 10 years and worked in the same office for 10 years without reception issues until using (if you can call it a phone) the iphone 4.

The reception issues got so bad that I had to stop using my cover altogether. The cover seems to make poor reception and drop outs even worse to the point of unusable.

Alas unfortunately last week I did the inevitable and dropped my phone, and with no cover to protect it, it did of course crack the screen.

So now on my 4th visit to the Apple store in Doncaster they told me they can’t do anything for me or replace my phone as it’s obviously not going to help according to them and it is 3 days out of warranty.

It seems now my phone is out of warranty, all be it by only a few days, and the screen is cracked, this has become away for them to make further money, as they no longer want to try and help me or resolve my original issue of reception, but now want to charge me $176.00 to fix a cracked screen on a faulty phone!!!


Iphone 4.
The phone you have when you’re not having a phone!!

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