“The Glory of the Evening was Jane O’Toole’s Donna Anna, Pure and Thrilling” – The Age, John Slavin. 31st July 2006.

“Jane O’Toole pinged her way through the Queen of the Night Arias with commendable dexterity” – Opera Opera Magazine – International Magazine

“Australian soprano Jane O’Toole acquitted herself agilely as Queen of the Night (and of the high Fs) – New Zealand Listener – Wellington, New Zealand.

“Jane O’Toole – a beautiful singer, she is reason enough to go and see the show” Carmel Carol – Director Magic Flute, National Opera New Zealand

“Soaring soprano Jane O’Toole with not a watt of electronically aided amplification… Beyond Opera rarely do we hear music sung so beautifully and naturally as this” – Herald Sun, Bob Crimeen

“Soaring soprano Jane O’Toole is unswervingly faithful to the time-honoured original genre and her Poor Wand’ ring One was the evening’s undisputed singing summit” – Herald Sun, Bob Crimeen.

“O’Toole also reveals an engaging comic talent and powerful voice” – The West Australian.

“Jane O’Toole as Josephine… sings with beguiling skill” HMS Pinafore on the Polly Woodside. – Herald Sun, Malcolm Riddle

“Coloratura Jane O’Toole whose two fiendishly difficult Queen of the Night arias inspired justifiedly rapturous applause” Magic Flute, Melbourne. – Herald Sun, Bob Crimeen.

3 Responses to Reviews

  1. David Lloyd says:

    Hi Jane

    I apologise but whilst I still have your lovely CD I don’t seem to have the rest of the info.

    Could you please email me the details of this production and your contact details?

    David Lloyd
    The Capital

  2. david ewart says:

    saw you last night in a restaurant setting sing glorious songs with your friends. absolutely enchanting. thanks

  3. David Williamson says:

    Bravo Girls From Oz. I was entranced by your fascinating stories and the history surrounding Australia’s four great opera divas. Such beautiful renditions of so many extraordinary songs. A striking homage to four woman of substance and style. Looking forward to seeing an encore performance in Bendigo soon.

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